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Our Patient Safety and Clinical Competency Center (PSCCC) houses an incredible collection of simulation and clinical training resources to educate students and health care professionals in a safe and dynamic setting. This facility is a critical component of our commitment to the highest standards of patient safety.

Using lifelike manikins and other modern training tools, as well as interacting with standardized patients (actors) to simulate patient exams and consultations, learners practice hands-on medicine in a safe but realistic medical setting. The PSCCC allows learners to develop diagnostic and clinical skills, cultivate communication skills, and work effectively on a medical team. This happens with supervision and mentoring from experienced faculty.

Introducing learners to these immersive simulated medical scenarios early in their education reinforces what they learn in the classroom and provides solid preparation for clinical practice.


The facility offers a wealth of training tools, featuring Laerdal SimMan manikins. The manikins have a wide range of lifelike physiological features.

Using an innovative audio and video capture platform, activities in the PSCCC are recorded and videos are made available to learners and faculty.

A multi-purpose procedure room can be divided into four separate bays, including an operating room, an intensive care unit, and a trauma center. It can also be opened for large-scale training exercises.

Outside of the center, the PSCCC uses in situ simulation, providing simulated scenarios in a clinical setting to improve quality and safety of patient care.

The PSCCC's sophisticated Task Training Room provides access to a wide range of training tools with a concentration in hands-on skill building. This includes ultrasound training, IV insertion, anatomical models, physical exam trainers, suture techniques, central line placement, airway management, fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy, lumbar puncture, and more.

Albany Medical College's Standardized Patient program is one of the most established and robust in the nation. The program helps future physicians and other health care professionals build good communication skills.

Standardized patients (actors) are trained to realistically portray the roles of patient, family member, and health care provider in a variety of clinical situations. They work with learners of all levels and provide assessment and feedback of the learners’ nonverbal behaviors, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.

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Feel free to reach out to us with questions:

Fax: 518-262-6128

Annette Grajny, MD, MS-HPEd
Medical Director, PSCCC
Associate Dean for Simulation Education
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
[email protected]

Heather Frenz
Executive Director, PSCCC
[email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a standardized patient, contact Alyson LaPan, Standardized Patient Program Supervisor, at [email protected]. You can also search for Standardized Patients on the Albany Med Health System Careers pages.

Wendy Besch
Standardized Patient Program Supervisor
[email protected]

Kathleen Hundt, RN
Associate Course Leader, Clinical Skills
[email protected]

Alyson LaPan
Standardized Patient Program Supervisor
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Andrea Mammina
Administrative Assistant
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Jack McAvoy
Simulation Technologist
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Daniel Shovlin
Simulations Technologist
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