Train in a Field That is In Demand

The Master of Science in Human Anatomy is a two-year program aimed at addressing a nationwide shortage of anatomical science educators. The program is designed to provide graduate level training and teaching experience in the anatomical sciences through proficiency in human cadaver dissection, neuroanatomy, histology, and embryology.

Program Focus

The curriculum features a strong focus on human cadaver dissection pedagogy and techniques. Students will also be trained in histology (including microscope techniques), embryology, and neuroanatomy. Additionally, students will be introduced to topics of research design, statistics, and educational research.

The program culminates with a capstone project.

Program Objectives

Demonstrate a broad knowledge of human anatomy

  • Develop an in-depth and thorough understanding of human anatomy at the macroscopic level using dissection techniques and analysis of radiological images
  • Develop an understanding of neural systems organization, cellular neurobiology, and topographic and vascular anatomy of the spinal cord and brain.
  • Develop an understanding of the histology of human tissue and microscopy.
  • Evaluate and assess the development process of human embryonic and fetal periods, analyze congenital abnormalities, and integrate embryology to adult human gross anatomy.

Teach the human anatomical sciences at a high level

  • Develop content-based instructional and pedagogical skills and implement active learning techniques.
  • Apply pedagogical theories to practice in educational programs.

Complete a Capstone Project in anatomical sciences

  • Select a project or pursue an area of research that includes investigation in anatomy or anatomical education, or the development of an original course, workshop, or curriculum that is appropriate for submission for publication to MedEd Portal.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate scientific literature, including self-analysis of your work and presentation style.
  • Prepare the project for submission for peer-review.
  • Present the project at a local, regional, national, or international scientific meeting as an oral or poster presentation.

Requirements for Admission

To be considered for admission to the program, applicants must demonstrate the following minimum criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Successful completion of one year of General Biology, General Chemistry, or Physics

GRE or other exam scores are not required.

There is no minimum GPA requirement for admission. Each applicant is looked at on a case-by-case basis along with other accomplishments and experiences. A virtual interview will be required as part of the admission process. In person interviews can be requested and will be granted pending the availability of the admissions committee.

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