Physician Assistant Studies

Educating PAs since 1972, with experienced faculty and proven curriculum.

Center for Physician Assistant Studies

We offer a 28-month program leading to a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies. The program is guided by an experienced faculty, well-proven curriculum, and comprehensive clinical studies.

The physician assistant profession is one of the fastest growing in the nation, and the demand for our graduates far exceeds the supply. Our program abides by a core set of principles that ensures that our graduates have the skills, knowledge, and compassion to provide the best care to their patients. The goal of our program is to prepare students to practice as competent physician assistants, prepare, promote, and encourage graduates to practice in underserved, rural, and culturally diverse settings, and prepare physician assistants to engage with their profession on a scholarly level.

Innovative Curriculum

The Center for Physician Assistant Studies offers an MS degree that includes 28 consecutive months of didactic instruction, clinical rotations, and research. The curriculum prepares students to practice and to engage in post-graduate research.

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Our Program

We have been educating physician assistants for more than 50 years. Our program utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and the diverse settings of our local communities to prepare students to care for patients and practice as the next generation of physician assistants.

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