Student Life

Student Life at Albany Medical College is supported by the Office of Academic & Student Affairs. We pride ourselves on providing a pleasant atmosphere where students can feel comfortable and confident in seeking assistance from orientation to graduation. Students are free to bring questions or problems relating to Albany Medical College policies and resources, as well as any issues relating to daily life, to us. The office serves as a referral network and a hub for many student activities.


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Albany Medical College encourages students to seek opportunities for social, personal, and emotional growth and maintain interests that foster a balanced lifestyle while attending medical school. This section contains information about student clubs and organizations at Albany Medical College.

Alpha Omega Alpha

Alpha Omega Alpha, also known as AOA, is the national medical honor society. Members are elected in their junior and senior years based on academic performance, personal attributes, and future promise for a medical career. To be eligible for selection, students need to be in the top 25% of their class. The total elected membership cannot exceed one-sixth of the class size at graduation. For more information, visit the Alpha Omega Alpha national website.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student groups are a key part of campus life, serving both student and community interests. We back over 70 groups in various areas. Below is a sample of Albany Medical College's diverse groups. If your interests aren't here, you can start a new group. Contact the Academic & Student Affairs Office for information on existing groups or how to start one.

Medical Interest Groups:

  • American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry at Albany Medical College
  • Anesthesiology Interest Group
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group
  • Critical Care Interest Group
  • Dermatology Interest Group
  • Emergency Medicine Interest Group
  • Family Medicine Interest Group
  • Internal Medicine Interest Group
  • Interventional & Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group
  • Medical Simulation Interest Group
  • Medicine-Pediatrics Interest Group
  • Military Medicine Interest Group
  • Neuro/Psych Interest Group
  • Neurosurgery Interest Group
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group
  • Oncology Interest Group
  • Ophthalmology Interest Group
  • Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group
  • Otolaryngology Interest Group
  • Pediatrics Interest Group
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest Group
  • Sports Medicine Interest Group
  • Surgery Interest Group
  • Urology Interest Group
  • Ultrasound Interest Group
  • Vascular Surgery Interest Group

Professional & Educational:

  • Albany Med Addiction Coalition (AMAC)
  • Albany Medical College Community Grand Rounds - Journal Club
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
  • Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)
  • Bioethics Club
  • Biomedical Science Club
  • Functional Medicine (Biohacking) Club
  • Lobbying & Advocacy Club
  • Medical Spanish Club
  • Medical Students for Choice
  • Nutrition in Medicine Club
  • Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
  • Public Health & Medicine (PHAM)
  • Research Interest Group
  • Wilderness Medicine Society


  • American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)
  • American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
  • Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP)
  • First-Generation & Low-Income in Medicine (FGLIMed)
  • Latinx Medical Student Association
  • Medical Students for Disability Advocacy
  • Medical Student Pride Alliance
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
  • Underrepresented Student Alliance (USA)


  • Albany Medical Center Book Club
  • Coffee Club
  • Game Rx
  • Maimonides: Jewish Student Association
  • Short Coat Inve$tors
  • TREES (Environmental Committee)
  • Wellness Committee
  • Yarn Club


  • Albany Coptic Medical Club
  • Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA)


  • Basketball Club
  • Flag Football Club
  • Medicine in Motion Club
  • Outing Club
  • Racketsports Club
  • Running Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Softball Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Water Polo Club

Community Outreach:

  • Prescribed Books for Kids
  • Safe Sex Education


  • Artspace Club
  • Chorale & Orchestra
  • Dance Club
  • Healthy Pictures
  • Keytones Club
  • Musician's Collective
  • Plant Thyme

Discovering Albany and our campus is a key aspect of student life at Albany Medical College. This section helps you explore both efficiently.

Bike Racks
We provide covered bike racks on campus. All staff and students need to complete a Bike Registration Form available on the Albany Medical Center Intranet. You can submit the form to Security Services at 22 New Scotland Avenue.

Bike Share
Get around Albany easily—and for free—with CDPHP Cycle! There are 400 bikes at more than 80 stations around the region. There are three stations adjacent to the Albany Medical College campus.

Bus Transportation
Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) rides are free for any Albany Medical College student who swipes their badge. Visit for bus line and route information.

Students can park on campus every day without any cost. If you're going on rotations or a long vacation, you can use long-term parking on campus. For details about long-term parking, email [email protected].

Albany Medical College students typically live off campus in apartments close to campus accessible by walking or public transit. We have a housing listing for the community, where landlords, property owners, and students can share available options. For details, email us at [email protected].

At Albany Medical College, we're dedicated to integrating individuals with disabilities academically, socially, and culturally. Students with disabilities, as defined by law, can apply for reasonable accommodations to help them succeed. We comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the New York State Human Rights Law to ensure necessary services and support for qualified individuals with disabilities.

Request Disability Accommodations: [email protected]

We offer a range of services to ensure your well-being, academic success, and personal growth while attending Albany Medical College. Explore the following subsections to discover how we can assist you in areas such as academic support, disability accommodations, counseling, mentorship, and more.

Academic Support

Albany Medical College offers services to help enrolled students reach their academic potential. The medical education team coordinates peer tutoring, and all students can access a Learning Specialist for personalized sessions. The Advising Dean and Assistant Dean for Medical Education Years 1&2 may refer certain medical students to StatMed courses, which Albany Medical College covers, to enhance studying and test-taking skills.

Additionally, the Student Psychological Services within the Albany Medical College Department of Psychiatry conduct comprehensive evaluations to diagnose learning disabilities and provide ongoing care and treatment for these conditions.


The Office of Academic & Student Affairs, led by its assistant dean, offers assessments, crisis support, short-term counseling, and confidential referrals to various counseling experts.

College Student Psychological Services, located at 2 Clara Barton Dr., are available for both short- and long-term counseling. College shuttle service is available from the Main Campus to Clara Barton Drive. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and appointments can be scheduled by calling 518-262-5511 or email: [email protected].


Albany Medical College's Peer Mentorship Program links students to build a supportive community and serve as mutual resources. This program isn't for study advice or tutoring; it's focused on guiding life at Albany Medical College.

Reporting Tools

Our Office has an open-door policy and is always available to address student concerns. You may reach out to us at 518-262-6354.

  • Access the Concern Submission tool for making confidential reports to the administration about any training or campus issues you face. This can include instances of mistreatment or cultural matters during your training here.
  • Use the Accolades Submission tool, allowing students to acknowledge exceptional behavior in their peers.

Overall, Albany Medical College Student Council acts as a liaison between students and administration. We have direct contact with the deans of the medical school and thus are empowered to make significant changes that better the student experience.

Medical student representatives from each class, as well as students from the graduate studies programs, make up the Student Council. Each medical school class is represented by an elected president, vice president, three representatives, and one diversity, equity, and inclusion representative.

Student Council aims to better the student experience at Albany Medical College by creating and advocating for programs that enhance our education and wellness. Student Council members sit on various committees, a few of which are described below:

  • Curriculum Review Committee: Students sit with faculty and deans to discuss course evaluations and propose curriculum changes.
  • Wellness Committee: Students, with Student Affairs staff, plan and execute student wellness events such as weekly group wellness meals, fitness events, and social events such as llama trekking, apple picking, succulent planting, and more!
  • Mentorship Committee: Student-led program that pairs second-fourth year medical student mentors with first-year medical student mentees in a formal mentorship program.
  • Advocacy Committee: Student initiative to increase advocacy efforts at Albany Medical College. Accomplishments thus far include an annual Lobby Day at the Capitol Building and annual voter registration drives for students, faculty, and patients.
  • Taking Responsibility of the Earth and Environment Subcommittee (T.R.E.E.S.): Students advocate for and increase awareness regarding sustainability at Albany Medical College.

Student Council also oversees our student-run Honor Code Committee, which deals with student professionalism, and the Social Committee, which plans events such as the summer river cruise on the Hudson, winter semiformal dinner dance, and annual talent show.

Beyond committee involvement, Student Council oversees more than 80 student-run clubs including branches of national organizations. The “Clubs and Organizations” tab contains more information about clubs, organizations, and interest groups.

This section is your comprehensive resource for maintaining well-being and thriving during your journey at Albany Medical College. Explore a range of services and support designed to keep you at your best throughout your academic and personal pursuits.

Student Health Clinic

The Student Health Clinic is part of the Albany Family Medicine practice located at 391 Myrtle Ave., Floor 3.

The following services are provided:

  • General primary care, including standard vaccinations
  • Acute care for fevers, respiratory illness, stomach pain, rashes, and minor emergencies
  • Evaluation of sprains, strains, and sports-related injuries
  • Mental health care, including diagnosis, treatment, and referral as needed
  • Family planning services, including contraception
  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • PrEP and PEP
  • Gender affirming care
  • Dermatologic care, including biopsies
  • On site lab testing
  • Referral to specialists, as indicated

Students can be seen by providers in this practice who don't have a primary role in educational assessment, and other learners will not be involved in student care. Your insurance will be billed accordingly, and any out-of-pocket expenses can be reimbursed according to our health reimbursement policy. If you have questions about the policy, contact Kathleen Whipple, PhD, at [email protected].

In addition to primary care, Student Health provides the following services:

  •  Physical exam forms required by other institutions for clinical rotations
  •  VSLO vaccination forms for MD students
  •  Vaccines including but not limited to MMR, Varicella, TDAP, ACWY Meningococcal
  •  PPD or QuantiFERON Gold
  •  Drug testing if required by an other institution for a clinical rotation
  •  Referral for any required tests or vaccinations they cannot provide

Appointments are required:
Email (preferred): [email protected]

Student Health Cost Coverage Program

Our students, future health care professionals, recognize the value of health maintenance. Yet, the demands of medical education can challenge health care appointment scheduling. To assist, the Albany Medical College Student Affairs Office provides a Health Cost Reimbursement Program for current students, reducing financial obstacles to seeking medical care.

This program offers partial or full reimbursements for:

  • Medical office visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical supplies
  • Dental visits

The Student Health Cost Coverage Policies can be found in the Be Well Channel of the Student Affairs MS Team Page or here: Student Health Cost Reimbursement Policy

General questions: [email protected]
If you have specific questions about reimbursements, contact Kathleen Whipple, PhD, at [email protected] or 518-262-6067.

Student Health Insurance

Albany Medical College offers a health insurance plan that is designed specifically for our students. With an emphasis on wellness, the plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for medical care, including annual routine physicals and immunizations. It is brokered by Health Sciences Assurance Consulting (HSAC) and it is a national plan that allows students to access care regardless of their location. It is a combined plan with dental insurance and a vision discount plan. Students cannot purchase separate parts of the plan individually.

Maintaining comprehensive health insurance coverage is mandatory for all full-time Albany Medical College students. Visit our student health insurance website to:

  • Find more information and plan specifics
  • Enroll in the Albany Medical College Student Health Plan
  • Waive the Albany Medical College Student Health Plan

Student Mental Health Services

Albany Medical College’s Student Psychological Services is staffed by the Department of Psychiatry and is open to all students and residents regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. We aim to support the mental and emotional well-being of our learners by assisting them in managing the demands of their professional, academic, and personal lives. We offer:

  • Consultation and immediate help during crises
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Assessments by psychiatrists and assistance with medication
  • Referrals to external resources upon request.

For Scheduling
Phone Number: 518-264-0900
email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Albany Medical Center Psychiatry Center | 2 Clara Barton Drive | Albany, NY 12208
Transportation: Shuttles are available for transportation to and from Psychological Services

Important Information for Students

  • When making an appointment or checking in, say you're from Albany Medical College to register correctly.
  • Bring your health insurance details, whether it's from Albany Medical College or not. (After your personal insurance covers its part, we handle the rest, like copays.)
  • If you get a bill for Albany Medical College’s psychological services, tell the Student Affairs Office right away. We'll fix your registration and prevent any debt collection issues.

Billing Contact: Kathleen Whipple, PhD
Phone Number: 518-262-6067
email: [email protected]

For Emergencies
For psychological emergencies outside office hours, call 518-262-3111 to reach the on-call dean. They'll discuss your situation over the phone with Dr. Jeffrey Winseman (director) and arrange immediate treatment through the Psychiatry Department if needed.

Community Grand Round events are held every week, addressing a wide range of topics including structural racism, health disparities, and various subspecialty-related topics. Our goal is to provide a forum for timely and informative education, meaningful discussion, and multidisciplinary networking opportunities for students and faculty. Learn more about Community Grand Rounds.