Regenerative & Cancer Cell Biology

Exploring the roots of cellular function

Cancer Research Program

The Department of Regenerative & Cancer Cell Biology is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of scientists using leading-edge cellular, molecular genetics, and in vivo technologies to probe the underlying basis of physiologic and pathophysiologic cellular functions as they apply to cancer biology, tissue remodeling, and inflammation. Meet our researchers.

Lab teams working in Zheng and Wang labs

Our Graduate Programs

We offer MS and PhD degrees with a focus on regenerative and cancer cell biology. Our faculty apply novel curriculum approaches to ensure students master the critical thinking, communications, teamwork, and professional skills necessary to succeed in the many career paths open to individuals with an MS or PhD in biomedical sciences. Find out more about Postdoctoral Opportunities in our program.

An Albany Med researcher working in the Molecular and Cellular Physiology lab
Alan Boulos, MD
For more than a decade, the National Cancer Institute has been recognizing the importance of this cross-institutional collaboration and the unique skills and expertise each researcher brings to the collaboration.”
Alan S. Boulos, MD, '94Medical College Dean on a $3 million NCI grant for continued studies with RPI on targeted breast cancer therapies