Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

The Albany Med Health System is committed to improving health by attaining the highest standard of quality in care delivery, education, and research initiatives.

Our Vision

The Albany Med Health System will deliver its mission by means of a structure that will be, and remain, autonomous and self-governing.

Our Values

  • Excellence and continuous improvement
  • Integrity in every decision we make
  • Compassion and respect for the dignity of every person
  • A diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming System
  • Collaboration throughout our System
  • Responsiveness to the people of our communities
  • Fiscal accountability

Our Purpose

  • Health care of the highest quality in a cost-effective and equitable manner.
  • Education in the health sciences, allowing the region to have assured access to trained health professionals to deliver such care.
  • Biomedical and clinical research in order to contribute to the body of medical knowledge thus creating new ideas, procedures and drugs that advance the quality of such care.