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An internationally recognized leader in bioethics, offering an MS in Bioethics and more.

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We offer a comprehensive selection of educational programs in bioethics, completely online. These programs provide mid-career professionals in the research field the opportunity to advance professionally, gain expertise in a specific field, develop research skills and explore intellectual interests.
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We are committed to the goals of promoting ethical awareness, professionalism and competencies relation to bioethics by offering innovative, outcomes-oriented educational programs, contributing to bioethics knowledge, and providing a research-based ethics consultation service. We are accredited by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education and the New York State Education Department.
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The Institute was named for Alden March, MD, who founded Albany Medical College in 1839. Dr. March was a distinguished 19th century surgeon and innovative professor of anatomy, who co-founded the American Medical Association. The bioethics institute was established in 1993. In addition to its educational programs, the Alden March Bioethics Institute provides a confidential Ethics Consultation Service for patients and their families, hospital staff, clinicians, and researchers.
A Tribute to Founder Dr. John Balint