Neurosurgery Residency

Fully accredited by the ACGME, our seven-year neurosurgery training program prepares residents to become practicing neurosurgeons, from diagnosing and evaluating patients to performing advanced neurosurgical procedures

Comprehensive Neurosurgical Training

Our Neurosurgery Residency Program covers all aspects of neurosurgical practice, including pre-hospital evaluation, in-hospital assessment and treatment, and post-discharge follow-up.

We average more than 2,000 operative procedures each year, exposing residents to the entire spectrum of neurosurgical disorders.

State-of-the-Art Tools

Residents have access to the latest equipment, including high definition operative microscopes, and an array of neuronavigational platforms, including the Brainlab and Stealth systems. For spinal navigation, residents utilize the intraoperative CT scanner as well as the mobile O-arm.

The robotic platform ROSA ONE Brain is used for minimally invasive epilepsy and functional operations, including laser ablation of both epileptogenic foci and small tumors.

Residents also gain experience using the most sophisticated neuro-endoscopic equipment for expanded endonasal approaches, ventricular endoscopy, and treatment of craniosynostosis. Our angiography suite is equipped with the latest biplane angiographic technology, as well as a multitude of specialized catheters and devices for treating aneurysms and ischemic strokes.

Resident Resources

About the Albany Med Health System
Albany Medical Center, the anchor of the Albany Med Health System, is one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York State offering a wide range of outstanding clinical care – from routine preventative care to sophisticated cancer and surgical care to life-saving emergency medicine – while teaching the next generation of medical providers and advancing critical biomedical research.

Living in the Capital Region
Albany is a great place to live, learn and work. It is the center of a region known for its robust economy, arts and culture, colleges and universities and recreational opportunities.

Resident Wellness
As a resident or fellow of Albany Medical Center, there are many resources available to you to help manage the demands of being a physician. Our goal is to promote work-life balance and overall wellness by advocating for you and providing you with the tools to reduce burnout, depression, and other stressors you may encounter during your training.

Distinction in Quality and Leadership
This program promotes professional success for physicians through a deeper understanding of Health Systems Science.

Three surgeons in an operating room
  • Portrait photo of Tessa Harland
    Tessa Harland, MD
    The location lends itself to high volume and early operative experience.”
  • Portrait photo of Jared Sweeney
    Jared Sweeney, MD
    The family atmosphere cultivated by this neurosurgery program makes it stand out.”
  • Portrait photo of Morgan Spurgas
    Morgan Spurgas, MD
    I am able to learn from a diverse and accomplished faculty, while caring for the community I grew up in.”