How It Works

Over a 15-day schedule, participants will work through five distance-learning modules using SAKAI, our online learning platform. These modules combine both a personal, tailored approach to ensure a participant’s specific needs are met, as well as a general approach to the field of medical professionalism and misconduct.

Using the SAKAI online learning platform, participants are able to complete the program at their own pace, during hours that are the most convenient, with all required resources available online.

It is anticipated that a participant will spend about 25-30 hours over the 15-day period to successfully complete the course.

Learning Modules

Participants in the program will be responsible for completing five Learning Modules covering the following topics:

  • Good doctoring and medical professionalism standards and expectations
  • Typical medical misconduct infractions
  • Assessing knowledge and judgment in alleged medical misconduct

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of prevailing standards of professionalism arising from professional organizations, codes of conduct and
    medical ethics.
  • Identify some of the major failures of physicians to act as professionals or good doctors towards patients, colleagues and/or staff, and to fulfill obligations to the community.
  • Exercise sound reasoning skills and judgment in reaching viable solutions to cases of potential violations of medical professionalism.
  • Engage in reflective writing about any professional infraction.
  • Participate openly and respectfully in discussions with peers and mentors about professional infractions.
  • Give and receive feedback thoughtfully and constructively when interacting with mentors and peers.
  • If advisable, formulate a precise, personal plan for renewed commitment to professional values, norms and service, medical ethics and professionalism.