Clinical Investigation Admissions

Applying to the Clinical Investigation Program at Albany Medical College

Albany Medical College offers a selection of degrees in Clinical Investigation (CI), including a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) and a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation. Our required curriculum is designed to familiarize students with experimental design, statistics, clinical research, and the communication of clinical research. Much of the CI curricula is devoted to mentored clinical research and scientific communication.

The courses for the MSCI degree program are designed to be taken in two years. Thirty-two credit hours are required The courses for the Certificate in CI are designed to be taken in one year; however, some flexibility is possible, and courses may be taken over a two-year period, with approval. Eighteen credit hours are required.

This section contains information you need to make sure the admissions process is as clear and straightforward as possible.

Who should apply?
Our CI programs are beneficial for medical students or clinicians interested in pursuing research in their clinical practice, and nurses, research associates, or technicians interested in focusing their careers on research. The Certificate in CI can also afford graduate students with little to no patient contact the opportunity to gain relevant experience. Examples of prospective students include:

  • MD graduates in a residency or fellowship
  • RNs with appropriate coursework
  • PhD and predoctoral students with appropriate coursework

Our Commitment to Diversity
We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to have a class that represents diversity in its many dimensions.

Learn more about diversity initiatives at Albany Medical College.

Application Process

Applying to graduate school is easier when you know what to expect. For insight into Albany Medical College’s Office of Graduate Studies application process and what it entails, see below. And remember that this application process is just as much an opportunity for you to learn about us as it is for us to get to know you.


To be considered for admission to the CI program, applicants must demonstrate the following minimum criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Successful completion of one year of each of the following courses, with related laboratory experience:
    • General Biology
    • General Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Physics
  • A minimum of one semester of research (biomedical/laboratory research or clinical)
  • Other recommended courses:
  • Advanced college math (preferably calculus)
  • College-level statistics or biostatistics course
  • GRE or other examination scores are NOT required
  • There are no specific GPA requirements, but grades are looked at along with other accomplishments and experience


Application instructions

  1. Click this link to apply online now and follow the instructions.
  2. When prompted to choose the program you are applying to, select “Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI)” or “Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation.”

Information required to complete the application includes:

  • Contact information
    • Addresses, phone numbers, and emails where you can be reached.
  • Curriculum vitae
    • Information on your education, relevant employment, research experience, experience with relevant techniques, honors and awards, publications, and leadership experience.
  • Personal statement (<500 words)
    • Reasons for pursuing graduate study and your career goals.
  • Transcript from all courses/schools taken at the college and university level
    • Official transcripts must be sent from the INSTITUTION via email to [email protected] or via regular mail to Office of the Graduate Studies Program MC-16, Albany Medical College, 47 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 12208-3479.
  • Contact information for three letters of recommendation
    • The letters of recommendation will be automatically requested from the names and contact information you provide. References should explain why (i) you would be an excellent addition to the program for which you are applying; (ii) your skills are appropriate to the program and would be the best choice.
    • We recommend using anyone who can describe your academic successes and abilities and how you would benefit, perform, and add to our program. Most often, this would be a professor or academic advisor.
  • English Proficiency Exam score (TOEFL or IELTS)
    • If English is not your first language and you have not attained a degree from a U.S. college or university.


Key dates

Albany Medical College’s Office of Graduate Studies programs utilize "rolling admission," where the best students can be accepted upon receipt of a completed application. We highly recommend that you submit your application and supporting materials early in the application cycle for the best chance of consideration.

The application deadline period for the Clinical Investigation program is September 1 - June 1. All students begin in the following Fall after their acceptance.

Application evaluation

Completed applications received by the Graduate Studies Program are forwarded to the appropriate program. That program then reviews the applicants and compiles a list of their prospective students. Those students are then presented to the Graduate Studies Operating Committee (GSOC) for final approval. Each applicant is looked at on a case-by-case basis along with other accomplishments and experiences.

Information for International Applicants

Applicants to the MSCI and Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation program should have a TOEFL / IELTS score that reflects a good ability to read and write English. You will need official transcripts from all undergraduate/graduate school(s), a $60.00 application fee (waivable), and documentation of financial support to live in the U.S.

Information for Transfer Applicants

We do accept transfer credits. This is determined on a case by case basis.

Program Contact Information

We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know you. Please direct all questions about the program to:

Sarah McCallum, PhD
Clinical Investigation Program Director
Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
[email protected]

Mailing Address
Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Ave., MC 136
Albany, NY 12208

email: [email protected]

Fax: 518-262-5799