Completing Requirements and Preparing for Residency

Students must complete the core clerkships covered by USMLE Step 2 by fall of fourth year.

The curriculum has been designed to provide students more flexibility for residency interviews and electives, including a new fourth year elective in anatomy that includes cadaveric dissection tailored to the individual needs of students hoping to match into a surgical discipline. Additionally, revisions to our Learning to Teach: Teaching to Learn course content and scheduling improves our students’ transition to residency.

Year Four Course Catalog

Students have a variety of electives to choose from:

Year Four Electives

Internships and Residencies

Senior medical students at Albany Medical College select their internships and residencies through the National Residency Matching Program, which is designed to provide fairness and complete freedom to each applicant in procuring the graduate program of choice. As house officers, Albany Medical College graduates find that they are well prepared to assume the responsibilities and privileges of graduate training and patient care.

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