Doctorate of Professional Studies

The Doctorate of Professional Studies programs are designed for working health care professionals who possess a master's degree in bioethics or equivalent. Students must also display evidence of academic preparedness to pursue doctoral level studies.

The Doctorate of Professional Studies program with a concentration in clinical ethics is for those students who seek advanced education and training in both knowledge and applied skills pertaining to medical ethics. This degree aims to provide trainees with advanced level knowledge and practical skills in preparation for assuming professional leadership roles in healthcare ethics. Ideal candidates should be interested in expanding their current clinical role to include addressing ethical issues in healthcare, such as serving on a clinical ethics consultation service, institutional ethics committee or IRB. See Curriculum

The Doctorate of Professional Studies program with a concentration in health ethics and policy is designed for students who seek advanced education and training in both knowledge and applied skills pertaining to health policy in the context of bioethics. Qualified applicants will include health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains. However, we also welcome civil servants, program mangers, and individuals who work in research administration and policy. Applicants with a legal and administrative background who wish to pursue further education in health policy and ethics would also be a good fit for this program. See Curriculum

Recent Publications by Our Faculty


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