James A. Bennett, PhD

Immunology and Microbial Disease


  • SUNY Buffalo1976PhD


Clinical Interests: Improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the lung, breast and prostate. Research Interests: I am investigating the role of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and peptides derived from AFP in the regulation of endocrine cancer growth. We have shown that full-length AFP blocks the estrogen-stimulated growth of human breast cancer xenografts and the androgen-stimulated growth of human prostate cancer xenografts. The active site of AFP is located in Domain III (carboxyl end) of the molecule. We have synthesized a 34-amino-acid peptide (amino acids 447-480 of AFP) derived from AFP which retains the activity of the full-length molecule. We are currently synthesizing smaller portions of this peptide and implementing strategies for stabilizing this peptide so that it can be used for the treatment of steroid hormone-receptor-positive human endocrine cancers. We are also investigating the mechanism by which tumor growth inhibition is brought about by these peptides.