This is a one-year, non-ACGME training position with a focus on a wide breadth of critical care experiences. Fellows can expect to work closely with our Emergency Medicine Critical Care Division. Fellows will participate in the Emergency Medicine Critical Care Consult Service, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Neuroscience ICU, Cardiac Surgery ICU, and ECMO service. Graduates can expect to be comfortable with advanced cardiac resuscitation, extended management of the critically sick Emergency Department (ED) patient, complex airway management, critical care ultrasound, and more.

Fellows will get board preparation and sit for the Critical Care Echocardiography Exam.

Fellows can expect to work as ED attendings as well as Resuscitation fellows.

In addition to independent clinical ED time, off service requirements are:

  • Four weeks of orientation and ED Critical Care
  • 32* weeks of ED Critical Care, spread throughout the year (some of these hours may count toward attending commitment depending on circumstances)
  • Two weeks of MICU
  • Two weeks of SICU
  • Two weeks of Neuroscience ICU
  • Two weeks of Cardiopulmonary Surgical ICU/ECMO
  • Four weeks of ICU selective time (fellows will select additional ICU experiences that best meet their interests)
  • Four weeks of elective time, to be determined in advance

*Fellows will have three weeks of vacation, which will be scheduled during EDCC time.

Fellows who are board-eligible are expected to sit for the written boards during the fall and are strongly encouraged to take the oral boards as soon as offered.