Postdoctoral Fellowship in Regenerative & Cancer Cell Biology

Postdoctoral fellows are a critical component of the research and educational mission of the Department of Regenerative and Cancer Cell Biology. These fellows are supported through a variety of mechanisms including postdoctoral positions on faculty grants. Many fellows also obtain individual postdoctoral awards from various agencies including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and NIH. Our postdoctoral training program provides recent PhD or MD graduates with the opportunity to gain valuable independent research experience within the framework of the established research programs in the department. Fellows participate in weekly departmental research meetings where they present their research findings in an open forum with other students and faculty from within the department.

Networking Opportunities

We also sponsor a visiting lecture series where distinguished faculty from leading institutions present seminars and to meet with faculty and students. Luncheon meetings between the postdoctoral fellows and the various seminar speakers provide an opportunity for fellows to present their work and also discuss career development with faculty from other institutions. In addition, travel awards are available to all fellows so that they may present their work at national meetings.

Excellent Training Environment

The faculty accessibility, interdisciplinary nature, and wide range of technical approaches make the Department of Regenerative and Cancer Cell Biology an excellent environment for postdoctoral training. By fostering independence, research productivity and grantsmanship skills, our postdoctoral fellows are highly competitive for faculty positions at the national level.

Contact Us

For more information on the postdoctoral fellowship program, please contact Directors Drs. Paula J. McKeown-Longo or Paul J. Higgins. Fellows with an interest in a particular laboratory are encouraged to contact that faculty member directly.

Meet our researchers

Paula J. McKeown-Longo, PhD
Muntz Professor and Co-Chair
[email protected]

Paul J. Higgins, PhD
Professor and Co-Chair
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