David Jourd'heuil, PhD

Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Areas of Study

Redox Signaling, Vascular Smooth Muscle, Cardiovascular Disease and Inflammation, Nitric Oxide, Free Radical Chemical Biology


  • University of Calgary, Canada1996PhysiologyPhD
  • University of Bordeaux, France1991PharmacologyDEA
  • University of Bordeaux, France1989BiochemistryBS


My laboratory pursues the theme of vascular injury, adaptation, and remodeling in the context of mechanisms that contribute to several disorders such as atherosclerosis, post-angioplasty restenosis, vein graft stenosis, and arteriovenous fistula non-maturation or failure. We use approaches based on transgenic animal models, ex vivo culture of diseased human vessels, primary cell cultures derived from vessels, and in vitro biochemical systems. Some of these studies are part of collaborative efforts between the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology and the nephrology team at the Albany Med Health System.

Our laboratory collaborates with other initiatives at Albany Medical College and in the greater Capital Region that explore redox biology and nitric oxide (NO) physiology and pathophysiology in the context of stroke, cancer, asthma, and pulmonary diseases.  We provide expertise in Redox Biology and NO metabolomics to assist our collaborators and other investigators.

Specific attention is given to the following areas:

Integration of Redox Signaling to Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Biology

Vascular smooth muscle cells are the main cells that make up the walls of blood vessels, which are essential for distributing blood throughout the body. Smooth muscle cells are also important in some of the most prevalent diseases affecting the Western world.  This includes hypertension (high blood pressure) and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) leading to heart attack, peripheral artery disease, and stroke.  In response to increased blood pressure, traumatic injury, and diseases, vascular smooth muscle cells can be induced to grow and migrate from their normal locations to contribute to the thickening of blood vessels that lead to plaque formation and cause clots and blood vessel blockage.

Many studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases in general are associated with an increase production of harmful oxidants, a condition generically called “oxidative stress”.  However, most redox signaling networks that might regulate vascular homeostasis and disease have yet to be elucidated in sufficient detail to provide actionable therapeutic strategies.  Our goal is to discover new redox-based mechanisms that contribute to the regulation of smooth muscle function in diseased vessels.


Biochemical and functional characterization of hemoglobins in the vascular wall

In addition to the oxygen transport hemoglobins such as red blood cell hemoglobin and heart myoglobin, mammals express several other globins with poorly characterized functions. We have focused our attention on cytoglobin (CYGB), which we have characterized in vessels and vascular smooth muscle cells as part of an adaptative pathway that may confer protection against injury in the vasculature. Mechanisms through which the cytoprotective effect of CYGB may arise (for example vasodilatory, anti-apoptotic, and anti-inflammatory actions) are explored and the involvement of nitric oxide and oxidant scavenging capacity in contributing to such cytoprotection is examined.

Chemistry of NO in the cardiovascular system

The major determinant of NO functions in biological systems is its chemistry. An important aspect of our research is improving our understanding of the chemical, biochemical, and cellular mechanisms dictating NO chemical reactivity. It is our aim to translate this knowledge to improve and modulate NO functions in the vasculature.



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