Why Albany Med

Albany Med cares for more cardiology patients, performs more cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries, and has a larger coronary care unit than any other hospital in the region. Albany Med is the best place for treatment of cardiac conditions, from the simple to the complex: 

  • Superb care close to home. Albany Med’s heart team provides virtually every test and procedure available.
  • Minimally invasive procedures are standard care. Albany Med performs a broader range of minimally invasive procedures that help reduce impact on patients and speed recovery time than any other hospital in the region.
  • Unique offerings. Albany Med is the only hospital in the region to perform valve repair for patients too ill for open heart surgery.
  • Collaboration across specialties. Albany Med physicians represent the largest range of specialists in the region for heart care as well as every other condition, and routinely work across disciplines as a team to ensure the best options for patients.