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Chronic Kidney Disease           

Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic

The Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic strives to provide the best overall care for patients and slow disease progression through a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment plans and patient education.

During a visit, patients will be invited to meet with the full team of providers, including a nephrologist, nurse practitioner, dietician, social worker, dialysis access nurse and pharmacist. The physician provides the treatment plans while the remaining health management team provides support and instruction for the patient.

At the Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic, patients are a valued member of the team. Therefore, patients are given free access to ongoing education and instruction on such critical topics as prevention methods, complications, disease management, diet and nutrition and more, so they too can be active participants in their ongoing health and well being.

Who Will Benefit?

Patients who will benefit from the clinic are those with GFR<60ml/min; less than 40 ml/min as well as <15ml/min. The Clinic will accept referrals for evaluation of patients with wide range of chronic kidney disease.