Ways You Can Help

You can help make a child’s hospital stay more enjoyable in a variety of ways.  Whether it is providing entertainment, games, or monetary donations, your contributions will positively affect a child’s experience and reduce the stress he/she may feel when staying in the hospital. 

Ways to help:

Magazine Subscriptions
You can donate a subscription to a magazine and designate the clinic or inpatient unit you would like it to go to.  Please designate your subscription to be addressed as follows:

Angie Silipigno, Child Life Specialist
Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center
Please designate your desired clinic: 
Pediatric Pulmonary, Subspecialty, Hematology/Oncology Clinic, or Inpatient Unit
43 New Scotland Avenue, MC 88
Albany, New York 12208

Suggested publications include:

Toy Donations
Please see our Toy Donation Page for our current wish list. 

Help patients cope with medical tests and procedures
We utilize a variety of items to provide patients with support in coping as they undergo medical procedures. These items help our patients relax and cope with fear and anxiety in an effort to provide a more positive experience. The availability of these items is crucial to the care we provide our patients. Please consider donating items such as:  I-Spy Books, bubbles, pinwheels, picture books, toys with lights and/or sound, and CDs with calming music. 

Create Craft Kits
A stay in the hospital can be an intimidating and scary event for a young child. By providing crafts and normal play activities, the child is able to enjoy him/herself; having time out from medical procedures and unfamiliar events of hospital life. Craft kits consist of a direction sheet and necessary craft materials in a Ziplock bag for easy distribution. Please click here for more information on creating craft kits

Volunteering at the Children’s Hospital 
If you are interested in giving your time to the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Med, you can contact Volunteer Services or call their office at (518) 262-3491.

Community Group Visits
Adult groups are welcome to visit the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Med. All visiting groups must contact Child Life for approval and scheduling. We ask that you come prepared with a program or activity to offer. Just coming to visit the sick children” may not benefit our patients and can result in uncomfortable silences. Each day our patients encounter many new faces in the hospital: we want you to be more than that! Activities that promote interaction and focus on the child, (not their illness) are appealing and productive.

Here are some activities and programs that are popular with our patients

Arts and Crafts Dance Performances Carnivals
Bingo Plays Bowling
Concerts Puppet Shows Mini Golf
Magic Shows Race Car Derby Holiday or Themed Parties

Please feel free to let us know if you have other creative ideas!

Youth Groups
Due to infection control and HIPAA laws we are unable to have children under the age of 18 visit our patients. If your group would like to help these are a few ideas:

  • Craft Kits
  • Creating Activity Books
  • Personal Care Kits
  • Toy or DVD drives
  • Making pillow cases or fleece blankets

To learn more about scheduling group visits and donations, please contact the appropriate unit: 

For inpatient visits, call (518) 262-3496
For outpatient pediatric clinic visits: 
Subspecialty and Pulmonary Clinics: (518) 262-1970
Hematology/Oncology Clinics: (518) 262-4679   

Monetary Donations 
Your generosity allows us to provide programs and activities for our patients throughout the year.  Donations give us the ability to purchase arts and crafts materials, games, toys, and books. Monetary donations can be made through our toy donation page or by sending a check payable to The Child Life Program at Albany Medical Center to:

Albany Medical Center Foundation
Office of Development
43 New Scotland Avenue MC-119
Albany, NY 12208
Phone: (518) 262-3322
Toll Free: 1-877-810-5437

Thank you for your desire to offer care and support to the patients at the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. Your efforts and generosity go a long way in helping to brighten the stay of the children being cared for here.