Our Experts

Our pituitary and minimally invasive cranial base surgeons include:

Tyler Kenning, MD
Endoscopic and Open
Cranial Base Surgery
Stereotactic Radiosurgery

 Carlos D. Pinheiro-Neto, MD, PhD
Endoscopic and Open
Cranial Base Surgery
Endoscopic Nose and Sinus Surgery

Dr. Pinheiro-Neto and Dr. Kenning collaborate with other specialists to provide comprehensive care for our patients. The team of specialists includes:

Steven Parnes, MD
Lateral Cranial Base Surgery 

Lisa Galati, MD
Head and Neck Surgery 

Jason Mouzakes, MD
Pediatric Otolaryngology 

Anurag Chandra, MD
Head and Neck Radiation

Matthew Adamo, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgery 

John Dalfino, MD
Endovascular Neurosurgery 

Alan Boulos, MD
Endovascular Neurosurgery

Junichi Yamamoto, MD, PhD
Endovascular Neurosurgery

David Semenoff, MD
Cranial Base Surgery

Edward Wladis, MD
Oculoplastic Surgery


Susan Gibbons, MD

Jonathan Melius, M.S., PA-C

The adult and pediatric endocrinologists at Albany Medical Center also collaborate in the comprehensive care of pituitary and minimally invasive cranial base surgery patients. Please select the following links for the lists of our endocrinology experts: