Combined OR/Endovascular Suite
As the field of vascular surgery has rapidly expanded over the past decade, Albany Med has kept up with important technological advancements and now houses the most advanced angiography operating rooms in the region.  In this OR, fixed systems are accompanied by floating angiography tables which allow the vascular surgeon to move the patient easily"affording the most control during surgery and permitting the most effortless and efficient imaging of patients.

Our modern combined operative/endovascular suite is one of only several such advanced facilities in the entire nation. Complete with digital fluoroscopic imaging equipment that creates three-dimensional pictures of blood vessels and arteries, the state-of-the-art facility allows surgeons to perform advanced minimally invasive procedures as well as traditional surgeries. Complex "hybrid" open and endovascular procedures, as in the case of bypass and stenting procedures, can now be performed simultaneously by a team of vascular and cardiac surgeons and interventionalists.

Vascular Intensive Care Unit
Albany Medical Center is one of a handful of hospitals nationwide offering the services of a vascular Intensive Care Unit (VICU) to patients undergoing complicated or high-level vascular surgery. Having this critical care unit available completes our cycle of full service care for our vascular patients.

Albany Med’s vascular services include a full complement of screening technology and laboratory procedures, vascular surgery and minimally invasive vascular procedures by internationally-known surgeons and interventionalists, as well as non-critical vascular nursing unit on D-5N.