Our Donor Stories - Kim Kilby, MD

Giving Back and ‘Paying It Forward’

Kimberly Kilby, MD ’03, is enjoying a successful career as an assistant dean of undergraduate education and an attending physician in the bariatric surgery program. Like so many others, to get to where she is,

Kim Kilby, MD
Kim Kilby, MD, participates in employee giving as a way to "Pay it forward."
Dr. Kilby took out college loans—debt that she is still paying. Despite this, she makes it a point to budget for charitable giving, including to Albany Med.

“I’m not rich. I live in a modest house, and I am always cognizant of my finances. However, I make room for what is important,” said Dr. Kilby, who contributes to the Alumni Annual Fund.

Her reasoning for giving is twofold. She was raised to be charitable, be it donating money or her time as a volunteer. The second reason: she wanted to “pay it forward.”

“I was supported by scholarships as a medical student, and I greatly appreciate all of the scholarship donors who help students achieve their dreams. Now it’s my turn,” she said.

Dr. Kilby has regularly given back to the institution since joining the staff three years ago. In 2013, she signed up to give using payroll deduction, which she said couldn’t be easier.

“The donation is divided up, and a small amount is taken out of each paycheck.
It’s a great way to donate, and I encourage other employees to consider it,” she said.

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