Our Donor Stories - Ella Gurney

Saratoga Central Catholic Students Reach out to Community

Raising money to help the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center became personal for Saratoga Central Catholic School senior Ella Gurney.

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Saratoga Central Catholic senior Ella Gurney produced a musical to benefit the Children's Hospital at Albany Med.
“Two years ago, my 13-year-old brother spent a couple of weeks at the Children’s Hospital,” she said. “Everyone there was really great. I wanted to give back to them.”

So she turned to the stage, organizing her classmates for a summer production of the musical “The Tangled Story of Rapunzel.” Nine students, ages 11-18, worked on all aspects of the musical from production, set design, choreography and publicity -- with a singular goal: to raise money for the Children’s Hospital.

Last summer it all came together when the Saratoga Central Catholic Players staged the show in Saratoga Springs and raised a total of $1,001.

“I am thrilled with what we made, “she enthused. “I think we were able to go above and beyond. It was definitely a success.”

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