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Patient Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the confidential nature of our business we may respond to you by mail.

How do I contact an Albany Med Patient Financial Counselor?


You can reach one of our financial counselors in the Patient Assistance Unit by calling 518.262.3632 or 518.262.3071


How do I know my insurance was billed?
A. If your statement does not show insurance payment or insurance denial then please go to Insurance Update page and enter your Insurance information.
Q. I have never been to Albany Medical Center Hospital, why am I receiving a bill?
A. Refer to your bill under box 20. If the description is NPLAB (non-patient lab), this charge is for a lab sample, which was sent to us by your physician. If the description is anything other than NPLAB, please call us or contact us via email and we will investigate your question.
Q. Why has my account been sent to collection or is on my credit report?
A. Go to the Collection page for the phone number and questions.
Q. I would like to pay my bill using a credit card.
A. Please go to the payment page.
Q. I would like to set up payment arrangements
A. If you would like to make payment arrangements please call customer service at (518) 262-2800, 1-866-262-7476 (toll free) or contact us via email.
Q. Why am I receiving multiple bills for the same date of service?
A. Albany Medical Center Hospital charges for the hospital services and/or technical services rendered. Albany Medical College Physicians Billing charges for the professional or physician portion of the service. You may receive a bill from the physician and the hospital for the same date of service.
Q. How do I get an itemized bill?
A. Go to Questions regarding your bill
Q. What do I do when I receive an explanation of benefits from my insurance?

Your insurance is telling you how your claim was processed. The explanation of benefits may state:

  • Denial - non covered - contact insurance
  • Denial - wrong ID# - we need corrected information. Go to Update Insurance page
  • Request for additional information ? contact your insurance
  • When the explanation of benefits indicates "your responsibility" payment is due to Albany Medical Center.  Please send payment to:  PO Box 1189, Albany, New York 12201
Q. I have already paid the bill
A. If your check was made out to Albany Medical Center Hospital, please send us a copy of your reciept and a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check to the following address: Customer Service Unit - 99 Delaware Ave. Delmar, NY 12054
Q. Does AMC have a charity care program?
A. Yes - click here for an application form or call one of these phone numbers to request an application:  Patient Billing Services Customer Service 518.262.2800 or 1.866.262.7476, Charity Care Specialist 518.262.1981
Q. Can I get help completing my application?

Yes, please contact our Charity Care Specialist at 518.262.1981

Q. Are translator services available?

Yes, translator services are available to assist with the application process.  To request translator assistance call the Charity Care Specialist at 518.262.1981


If additional information is needed please contact:

Albany Medical Center's

Charity Care Specialist