Making the Right Choice

Choosing to have cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery is an important decision. That is why it is necessary to ask yourself why you want to have the surgery. It should only be for you and no one else. People who decide to have plastic surgery must have realistic expectations and while plastic surgery can significantly improve physical traits and self-image, surgery will not necessarily change one's life or one's relationships.

An equally important decision is selecting a skilled plastic surgeon. Whether you are considering a cosmetic plastic surgeon to improve your appearance or reconstructive plastic surgeon to improve function, you want a plastic surgeon that has the skill and training to help achieve your goals. Do your research and understand what the credible sources are especially when searching for a qualified plastic surgeon.

Where the plastic surgeon operates is also important. Major medical centers, especially ones that are accredited by organizations like JCAHO and AAASF, employ some of the most skilled medical professionals who meet the high standards of these organizations and have the capabilities to address complex cases.