Clinical Research Program

The goal of the Clinical Research Program is to provide quality, state-of-the-art clinical care for those affected by HIV/AIDS. The Division has been involved in clinical research activities since May 1989 when the first AIDS-related malignancy trial patient was enrolled at Albany Medical Center. The program also participated in clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of ddC (HIVID) and ddI (Videx). Since 1989, patients have participated in over 75 clinical trials covering the range of HIV/AIDS care including:

  • Antiretroviral combination therapy
  • Viral load analysis
  • Treatment
  • Prophylaxis
  • Natural history of opportunistic infections
  • Complex Phase I studies of new treatments for HIV-related malignancies 

In previous years, the Clinical Research Program has participated in key clinical trials which led to the FDA approval of drugs in all four classes of anti-HIV medications. Novel medications, which represent new classes of anti-viral therapy, are currently under study at Albany Medical Center.    

Currently, a number of HIV treatment studies are open for enrollment at our site. These studies are open to those HIV-infected individuals who meet study-defined criteria.  If you are interested in considering any of these trials, please call (518) 262-6330.

Dr. Shelley Gilroy the Director of Clinical Research for the Clinical Research Program.