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culture, bacterial, cervical without smear
Synonyms: Fem Gen Culture; Female Genital Culture; Cervical Culture; Vaginal Culture; Genital Culture 
Computer Code: FGCO
Specimen Collection: Obtain culturette swab. For N.gonorrhoeae culture INOCULATE JEMBEC PLATE IMMEDIATELY UPON COLLECTION. Activate CO2 pellet as directed and place in ziplock biohazard bag for transport. 
Minimum Volume:  
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Swab: Transport at room temperature within 24 hours. For Jembec only: Maintain at room temperature or incubate at 35-37ÂșC if incubator is available. 
Reference Values: Gram stain is preferred for diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. Normal flora includes Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Coryneforme bacilli, Lactobacillus, gram negative rods. Potential pathogens: Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Beta hemolytic Streptococcus Groups A and B, Gardnerella vaginalis. Staphylococcus aureus, Yeast, Haemophilus influenzae, Listeria species. Identification performed if indicated. If diagnosis indicates bacterial vaginosis, a gram stain for the presence of clue cells is automatically performed.  
Lab Code: MIC 
Requisition: MICRO
Test Frequency: Daily 
Routine TAT: Neg: 3 days Pos: 1-4 days 
Stat TAT: NA 
CPT Code(s): 87070 
LCD or NCD:  
Methodology Used: 14
See Addendum XVII

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