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homovanillic acid, urine
Computer Code: HVA
Specimen Collection: Random urine: 25 mL minimum. Place on wet ice. Transport immediately. (Pediatric specimens only.)
24 Hour Urine: Collect in HCL bottle. Refrigerate during collection. 
Minimum Volume: 25 mL 
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Random urine: Freeze. 24 hour Urine: Refrigerate. Send with minimum 25 mL aliquot. Record total volume and collect period (hours) on requisition. 
Reference Values: 1-6 months: Up to 1.0 mg/24 hr or Up to 40 mg/g creatinine 6 months-1 year: Up to 1.5 mg/24 hr or Up to 30 mg/g creatinine 1-5 years: Up to 2.5 mg/24 hr or Up to 20 mg/g creatinine 5-10 years: Up to 6.0 mg/24 hr or Up to 15 mg/g creatinine 10-15 years: Up to 7.0 mg/24 hr or Up to 10 mg/g creatinine Adult: Up to 8.0 mg/24 hr or Up to 7 mg/g creatinine  
Lab Code: CC 
Requisition: URINE
Test Frequency: Weekly 
Routine TAT: 7 days 
Stat TAT: Call lab 
CPT Code(s): 83150 
LCD or NCD:  
Methodology Used: 37
See Addendum XVII

Albany Medical Center
43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY, 12208
Date: 05/25/2016
Time: 14:54:19 (24hr)