Albany Med Offers Extreme Weather Safety Tips


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Albany Med Offers Extreme Weather Safety Tips

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January 6, 2014 - Albany , NY

ALBANY, N.Y., Jan. 6, 2013 - With the Capital Region experiencing frigid temperatures, Albany Medical Center is offering steps to help protect against the potentially serious impact cold weather can have on health and safety.
Michael W. Dailey, M.D., regional EMS medical director and director of pre-hospital care and emergency medicine at Albany Med, says preparing for exposure to frigid temperatures can mean the difference between staying healthy and the possibility of serious injury or even death.

"While it is great to see people outside during all kinds of weather, it can be very dangerous to be out when it becomes extremely cold," Dr. Dailey said. "People need to remember to take those hazards seriously and take precautions, particularly little kids and the elderly."

Dr. Dailey offers these reminders to help people stay safe during periods of extreme cold:

* Watch for slurring of speech, sleepiness or excessive shivering. These are signs that could indicate hypothermia.
* Watch for severe skin redness as it can be a precursor to cold-related skin damage such as frostbite.
* If skin becomes white or gray, immediately get out of the cold and warm the problem area, but do not rub it.
* Dress in several thin layers and cover as much skin as possible, especially the hands, head and ears.
* Opt for mittens instead of gloves, as fingers close together stay warmer.

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