Our Stories - Andrea Robertson

Where Hope Begins

A big picture thinker - that is Andrea Robertson.

“I’m a teacher. I have to plan out an entire year.” But last February, that vision changed dramatically.

Now, she says, “I just want to make it to the next hour or the next day.”

A sudden complication with her pregnancy meant that both Andrea and her unborn baby were in trouble. They were quickly transferred from an emergency room in central New York to Albany Medical Center so that the baby, once born, could be treated in the Center’s NICU.

“I prayed to hang on as long as I could.”
Four days later, on a cold Saturday in February, Andrea’s daughter was born. She was 16 weeks early and weighed only one pound five ounces.

Both Andrea and her husband Adam were terrified.  Adam was so afraid for his daughter he wasn’t ready to give her a name. But Andrea insisted. They chose Hope because they believed that their newborn was going to make it, and they hoped that she would be strong and healthy.

“Hope just felt right,” remembers Andrea.

Hope Robertson in a Giraffe bed at Albany Med's NICU.

Hope Robertson in a Giraffe bed in Albany Med's NICU.

The medical challenges faced by both Hope and Andrea meant that the time they spent together was limited. The NICU nurses made sure that every minute counted.

“The nurses made me feel like I was still important to Hope. Even though I couldn’t hold or feed her, they encouraged me to sit next to her, read to her, and talk to her.”

The construction of the new NICU in the Patient Pavilion ensures ample space for families to be with their babies at this very critical time. Private rooms with family-centric designs will help relieve stress on parents like Andrea and Adam and offer them critical bonding time, so important to an infant’s development.

Each room will be a cocoon of safety, equipped with a high tech Giraffe bed that will allow tiny patients like Hope to stay in one place for everything from monitoring to surgery.

Albany Med’s NICU has always been a place of hope. The Robertsons couldn’t agree more. It’s where their Hope began.

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