Our Stories - Matthew MacLeod

While on vacation in Cape Cod this past summer, Matthew MacLeod of Albany felt ill. When he returned home, he was diagnosed with an "infection of some type" he remembers.

Matthew was treated with antibiotics, but they didn't help the nurse, who takes care of children at the Center for Disability Services, feel any better.       

After his condition worsened, he went to the emergency department at Albany Medical Center. There, it was discovered the mitral valve issue he had been living with for years had gotten significantly worse, to the point surgery would be required.

That's where cardiothoracic surgeon Adanna Akujuo, MD, stepped in. Using a minimally invasive technique, she completed a complex repair of the valve and put Matthew on the path to improved health.

Today, he is back to work, helping make the lives of young children better. He's able to do that, he says, thanks to the "hero" doctor who saved his life.