Our Donor Stories - Jodi DellaRocca, PhD

Educating for the Future

Jodi Della Rocca, CRNA, MS ’02, PhD, sees her obligation as an educator to ensure students receive the benefit of her knowledge and experience – and also the benefit of her financial support.

Jodi DellaRocca, PhD
Jodi DellaRocca, CRNA, MS '02, PhD, says employee giving is important because it can help "enhance the leadning experience" for medical students.
The assistant professor and associate director of the Center for Nurse Anesthesiology encourages other educators and health care workers to think the same way.

“While we give back by teaching and performing well in our profession, it’s also our responsibility to ensure that students are financially able to attend seminars, present their work at national conferences and take part in all of those ‘extras’ that enhance the learning experience,” said Dr. Della Rocca, who has contributed to the Albany Medical College Alumni Fund.

Dr. Della Rocca joined Albany Medical Center in 1992 as an intensive care nurse. She credits Lynne Longtin, RN, then her manager in the Cardio-Pulmonary Surgery Unit (CPS), with encouraging her to continue her education.

Taking her mentor’s advice to heart, Dr. Della Rocca went on to earn both a bachelor’s
and master’s degree in nursing, and most recently a PhD in post-secondary and adult education.

“One thing I love about Albany Med is the supportive environment. We are challenged to be the best we can be, and it shows,” she said. In 2013, Dr. Della Rocca purchased a Patient Pavilion brick in honor of another strong supporter, her husband, Tom. The gift is designated to the Fund for Albany Med.

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