Our Donor Stories - Lewis Britton, MD

A Lifetime of Giving

“When you work in a community, you need to give back to that community.” Lewis W. Britton III, MD, never forgot those words of advice from one of his mentors during thoracic surgery training here at Albany Med. Dr. Britton, a cardiothoracic surgeon, has

Lewis Britton, III, MD, and his family
Dr. Britton and his family are long-time supporters of Albany Med. “When you work in a community, you need to give back to that community.”
given back to the Albany Med community time and again with a loyal history of substantial philanthropic support in his 28-year history here.

Most recently, Dr. Britton, his wife, Laura, and son made a planned gift to Albany Med in
support of the Patient Pavilion. Dr. Britton has participated in numerous other philanthropic initiatives; he is a member of the Pillars Society and holds, and contributes to, the Catherine Sheer Britton Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

The chair was created in 1988 by one of his grateful patients and honors Dr. Britton’s first wife, Catherine, who died from cancer in 2003.

Katherine Aker (r.) and her mother with Dr. Britton on the day of their reunion.
CLICK HERE to watch a video of a reunion between Dr. Britton and a patient whose life he saved.

After graduating from Georgetown, Dr. Britton, a Texas native, performed residences in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery at Albany Med, completed a fellowship in pediatric cardiac surgery at Boston Children's Hospital and joined the Albany Med faculty in 1986.

Looking out at the new Patient Pavilion from his office window in the Surgeons Pavilion, Dr. Britton said the facility represents growth, change and forward movement.

“Albany Med’s leadership has been at the forefront of making the decisions that have allowed us to change with the times and remain a top-of-the-line medical facility,” he said. “As employees, we should all be very proud.

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