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Sarah E McCallum , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


1999 - Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests


·        The identification and functional role of neuronal nicotinic receptors in substance abuse, neurodegenerative disease and other psychiatric conditions
·        The long-term regulation of nicotinic receptors by smoking

PubMed Publications

  1. McCallum SE, Parameswaran N, Bordia T, McIntosh JM, Grady SR, Quik M (2005). Decrease in alpha3*/alpha6* nicotinic receptors but not nicotine-evoked dopamine release in monkey brain after nigrostriatal damage. Mol Pharmacol, 68, 737-746.

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  6. McCallum SE, Parameswaran N, Bordia T, Fan H, McIntosh JM, Quik M (2006) Differential regulation of mesolimbic alpha3*/alpha6beta2* and alpha4beta2* sites and function after long-term oral nicotine to monkeys. JPET, 318, 381-388.

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