Graduate Student Awards

Center for Neuropharmacology and
Neuroscience Extramural Awards

Fulbright Scholarship

Misty Richards, 2008 - “Evaluating stigma associated with schizophrenia in Japan and the US: The Search for Key Similarities and Differences in Diagnosis and Treatment.”



Albany Medical College Graduate Student Awards 2014

The Richard Miller Alumni Prize for the Most Outstanding Research Presentations

First Place: Wilson Yu, Center for Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience, “The Ventral Pallidum: A Novel Deep Brain Stimulation Target for Epilepsy”

The Dean’s Certificate for Excellence in Research
Paul Hoerbelt, Wilson Yu

The Graduate Student Alumni Award
Paul Hoerbelt

The Dean’s Certificate and Leonard Procita Prize for Excellence in Teaching
Paul Hoerbelt

The Dean’s Certificate and the Dr. Frank C. Ferguson Jr. Award for Excellence in The Quality of Science
Wilson Yu