Employment Opportunities

The Lamar Lab at Albany Medical College is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow to join our highly interactive and collaborative group. We investigate how the Hippo Pathway responds to microenvironmental cues to regulate gene expression, and how this process is altered during cancer progression and metastasis. We are particularly interested in how the Hippo Pathway and its effectors YAP and TAZ are regulated. We aim to identify novel regulators of this pathway, and seek to understand how these regulators allow the hippo Pathway to sense and integrate cues from the tissue environment (adhesive, mechanical, and mitogenic). To  achieve these goals we employ a robust vector system that to allows us to knockdown or overexpress any gene of interest, which we use in combination with a variety of in vitro and in vivo assays of cancer progression and metastasis.

Minimum Qualifications:

-       Ph.D. in cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry or related field

-       Competence in common cell and molecular biology techniques such as mammalian cell culture, qPCR, western blot, transfection, cloning, and viral genedelivery.

-       Experience with in vivo models systems is preferred

-       Must be willing to work with mice

-       Able to work independently

-       Good interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate

-       Applicants must be fluent in English

-       Strong writing and presentation skills

-       Applicant must be passionate about research, hardworking, and independent, organized, and able to work efficiently



-       Perform research and generate data as leader of independent research project.

-       Prepare manuscripts and presentations

-       Attend and present research at national meetings

-       Attend and participate in departmental seminars, journal clubs, and joint lab meetings

-       Help train and mentor junior lab members

-       Collaborate and interact with other labs in the college and abroad

-       Applicant will also be encouraged to apply for external funding

This is a full-time position with full medical benefits. The annual stipend is based on NIH levels. I will work with the successful applicant to develop a training plan that facilitates the achievement of the applicant's longer-term career goals. Review of applicants will start immediately and continue until the position is filled. Interested applicants should send the following to lamarj@mail.amc.edu

CV, Statement of Research experience (up to 1 page), Description of Career Goals (up to 1 page), Contact information for 3 references

Albany Medical College is an equal opportunity employer.