Lifestar Regional Trauma System

Albany Med's Trauma Team
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The Lifestar Regional Trauma System serves a 17-county area of Northeastern New York State. It is a network of over 400 emergency medical service provider organizations, 25 non-trauma center hospitals, 2 level II trauma centers, and a level 1 trauma center. As the only level I trauma center in the region, Albany Medical Center is the lead organization responsible for oversight of activities of the regional trauma system.

Lifestar’s mission is to save lives and restore health after injury. It has been designed to use the resources of the region in the most efficient manner to provide coordinated care for children and adults who are victims of trauma.

The commitment to continuous quality improvement is evident in Lifestar’s quality assurance goal: To identify approaches that will improve the accessibility, quality, and appropriate utilization of trauma care within Northeaster New York. As such, the system is responsible for data collection, quality improvement assessments, implementation of protocols, and the coordination of community and professional educational programs that will result in the optimal care of the trauma patient through the pre-hospital, hospital, and rehabilitation phases of treatment.

Lifestar is committed to collaboration among the entire Lifestar community. Collaborative efforts will ultimately lead to improved trauma care that will benefit the region.