Technology and Facilities


American College of Radiology Accredited


Albany Med houses some of the most sophisticated imaging technology and facilities available in the region. Our radiologists, technicians and other medical professionals are highly skilled in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, thereby maximizing the outcomes for our patients.  

Dedicated Imaging Rooms and Recovery Unit

  • A state-of-the-art 12-bed recovery unit within the Department of Radiology that is fully staffed with nurses and available for patients to recover from all image-guided procedures.
  • Six ultrasound rooms, along with two portable units serving the interventional radiology division for ultrasound-guided procedures. In addition, pediatric radiology has dedicated space for fluoroscopy and diagnostic radiology.
  • Six angiographic suites devoted to interventional and neurointerventional procedures; one of these suites is located within an operating room.
  • Two new GE Medical Systems digital radiography rooms.

Imaging Technology Designed with Patients in Mind

  • Six CT scanners, one of which is virtually devoted to performance of interventional procedures
  • Ingenia Wide-Bore 3.0 Tesla MRI manufactured by Philips
  • Three 1.5 Tesla MRI scanners manufactured by General Electric
  • Three Lorad digital mammography units
  • A 16-slice scanner is located in the hospital to accommodate ICU patients and minimize the need to transport them across the hospital for these imaging studies.
  • Two 64-slice multidetector scanners with EKG-gated hardware and software to permit cardiac CT applications
  • Four Vitrea 3D workstations from Vital Images, Inc. for post processing and 3D support for CT and MRI imaging studies
  • Four dual-head SPECT gamma cameras in the Nuclear Medicine Department
  • A PET CT scanner is located within Albany Med’s Cancer Center
  • An iSite PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) supporter by a Stentor web-based image server.