Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Program

Comprehensive Care
The Neurosciences Institute at Albany Medical Center is the region’s only MS center where scientists and clinicians collaborate to provide MS patients with the best care possible.
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The Neurosciences Institute at Albany Medical Center has moved our Multiple Sclerosis Program to 35 Hackett Boulevard, Albany, NY in order to provide a comprehensive care program for patients living with multiple sclerosis.  Our consultation services accommodate the routine care of patients who live locally, as well as patients who live outside of the Capital Region.

Multiple sclerosis is a condition characterized by recurrent damage to the brain or spinal cord. The symptoms depend on where the damage occurs. Typical symptoms include weakness or sensory loss on one side of the body, impaired vision in one eye or double vision, loss of coordination, or bladder incontinence. In the most common form of multiple sclerosis, symptoms will worsen over minutes or days and then gradually improve over several weeks. The interval between episodes may be weeks or years.

Our main objective is to individualize treatment, maximize benefits and decrease risks. We are dedicated to our patients and work to select individually tailored treatment plans and adjust medications as needed.

The multiple sclerosis physicians at Albany Med work closely with immunology researchers to support our commitment to finding a cause and a cure for multiple sclerosis. We also strive to gain a better understand the mechanism of action in multiple sclerosis medications.

Our goal is to make it easy for patients who need widespread treatment options. The comprehensive care component of our program includes physical therapy, a gait training program, Botox treatments for spasticity, and on-site infusion services. Our team includes diagnostic experts: urologists, rheumatologists, radiologists, physiatrists and other specialists who work together to provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive care for our patients.