Our Experts

Our team of multiple sclerosis experts, including physicians, nurses and other specialists, has devoted their clinical practice and academic work to finding advancements in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The team is complimented by experienced supportive specialists who are dedicated to helping patients manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis Team

 Allen Gerber, MD

Jeanne Ceballos, NP


Supportive Specialists

Earl Zimmerman, MD
Memory Disorders

Elise De, MD

Urological problems associated with
multiple sclerosis

George  Forrest, MD
Chair, Department of  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Provides gate analysis and Botulinum injection therapy for the treatment of spasticity and gate problems in MS patients.

Jennifer Miller, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Treats multiple sclerosis patients with sever spasticity. Performs ultrasound-guided botox injections. Provides specific physical therapy instrucitons for patients to carry out.