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State-of-the-Art Radiology Services for Infants and Children

Albany Med’s pediatric radiology suite, with its colorful and imaginative décor, is equipped with the latest imaging technology specially designed or adapted for infants and children. Our board-certified pediatric radiologists and experienced pediatric radiology technicians focus on our youngest patients to ensure their comfort while obtaining the best quality imaging studies in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of radiation exposure.

Fluoroscopy Room ("Fish Room")
Fluoroscopy uses a low dose of radiation to record images of the body in real time. This procedure is often used to record the action of swallowing as a child drinks a barium liquid (upper GI series). It is also used for studies of the urinary tract.

The x-ray machine is decorated by a colorful fabric and adorned with shiny stickers that a child can see while lying on the table. As the physician positions the camera, a child has many distracting images to watch.

X-ray Room ("Balloon Room")
The x-ray room, where regular x-rays are performed, is decorated with a colorful hot air balloon theme to keep children distracted while their x-rays are being done.

Specialized Child-Friendly Technology and Equipment

Albany Med’s pediatric radiology suite offers the latest imaging technology designed for children’s comfort in a child-friendly atmosphere. The rooms are colorful and bright, decorated with brilliant images of tropical fish and cheerful balloons. Toys and books are close at hand so the technician and parents can readily distract and entertain babies and children during an imaging procedure.

Portable equipment for bedside imaging
When hospitalized patients can’t come to the pediatric imaging suite, we take our portable imaging equipment to the bedside. Our specially trained technicians and modified equipment allow us to get the images needed while patients stay comfortably in bed.

Image Gently
Imaging gently means using techniques to minimize radiation exposure to infants and children of all ages. This includes obtaining high quality images efficiently, without the need to repeat the process. We use specially designed accessories to help keep infants and toddlers comfortable and secure as we position them for the best possible images.