Surgery For Children

Helpful Guidelines for Parents

  • Bring a record of the child's immunization history on the day of surgery. 
  • Plan to be with your  child in the Surgery Center before and after surgery. Parents may rejoin their child as soon as the child awakens. 
  • Parents of minors (children under the age of 18) are required to stay on the premises throughout the patient's stay. 
  • It is suggested that two adults accompany the child on discharge. During the ride home, one will be able to care for the child while the other drives.
  • In the unlikely event that your child's surgical or anesthetic procedure becomes unexpectedly prolonged or complicated, your child's physician may arrange admission to the hospital. 
  • When a child is required to stay overnight at the hospital, one parent may stay in the room with him or her. 
  • You are encouraged to bring a special toy and/or blanket or pacifier with you for your child.
  • Please review the Pediatric Pre-Surgical Food and Drink instructions.

 Preparing Children for Surgery 

  • Some children 18 years of age or younger are not required to have pre-surgical testing.  In order to determine if your child requires pre-surgical testing, a nurse will contact the  parent or guardian by phone prior to surgery in order to conduct a telephone interview.  A medical history will be obtained and pre-op instructions will be given at this time.  A pre-surgical testing visit is available upon request.  
  • Tours for children and their families are available through the Volunteer Office.  We encourage all parents/guardians to take advantage of this special service.  Please contact our Volunteer office at (518) 262-1493 if you are interested in a tour.  Special books explaining operations and hospitals are available for you to read to your child.  Please ask our nurses to show you where they are. 

Pediatric Pre-Surgical Food and Drink Instructions

  • No solid foods after midnight
  • 6 - hour cutoff for milk and formula
  • 4 - hour cutoff for breast milk
  • 3 - hour cutoff for clear liquids
  • Nothing by mouth 3 hours before surgery
  • Please follow any additional dietary restrictions your Surgeon has instructed.