Pre-Surgical Checklist

Pre-Surgical Testing: Have you...

  • Arranged for someone to drive you home after surgery?
  • Arranged for a responsible adult to be with you at home for 24 hours after surgery?
  • Made a list of medications (even over-the-counter medicines), including names, dosage and times you take them, to bring to your pre-surgical visit?
  • Collected insurance cards and forms to bring to your pre-surgical testing visit?
  • Completed Advance Directive paperwork (healthcare proxy, living will) and any paperwork given to you by your doctor?
  • Made a list of any questions we can help you with?

Surgery: Have you...

  • Remembered the Pre-Surgical Food and Drink Instructions?
  • Taken medications as ordered?
  • In the case of a child, brought your child's immunization records and a favorite toy or security item?
  • Called 262-1200 if you have any questions?