Robotic Surgery Experts

Albany Medical Center surgeons perform advanced procedures with the use of the robot in a variety of specialty areas. Our robotic surgeons include: 

Robotic Cancer Care Surgery

Timothy J. McElrath, MD

Patrick F. Timmins III, MD


Robotic General Surgery

Edward Bennett, Jr., MD
(Cardiothoracic Surgery)

Harry DePan, MD
(Cardiothoracic Surgery)

Thomas Fabian, MD
(Thoracic Surgery)

Edward Lee, MD
(General Surgery)

T. Paul Singh, MD, FACS
(Bariatric Surgery)


Robotic Pediatric Surgery

Christine Whyte, MD


Robotic Urogynecological Surgery

Peter Cole, MD, FACOG

David Kimble, MD

Anna Varlamov, MD



Robotic Urological Surgery


Elise De, MD

Hugh A.G. Fisher, MD, FACS


Ronald P. Kaufman, Jr., MD, FACS


Andrew McCullough, MD


Badar M. Mian, MD, FACS

Rebecca L. O'Malley, MD


Transoral Robotic Surgery

Lisa Galati, MD

Carlos Pinherio-Neto, MD