Considerations for Different Age Groups

Due to the variety of plastic surgery procedures available, there is no age limit for plastic surgery; although, age will be taken into consideration when planning the operation. People of all ages undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

For patients 55 and older, the surgeon will investigate if the patient is physically fit for surgery or if the patient is taking any prescription drugs that could create possible complications.

For patients between ages 30-55, plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. For these patients, the surgeon will tend to examine the degree of improvement or alterations the patient requests and make determinations for surgery based on that.

For teens and young adult patients, plastic surgery is usually elective. It is important for this age group to understand the special circumstances that may be present at their age. Obviously, patients 18 years of age and younger must have a legal guardian who has given their permission and has been fully educated on the procedure. Surgeons will determine if patients in this age group have made the right choice to have plastic surgery based on how much time they have spent learning and truly understanding everything they need to know about their particular procedure.