Albany Med's Sports and Exercise Medicine professionals utilize innovative technology allow patients to receive optimal care in a nurturing, comfortable environment.  On-site services that utilize this advanced technology include:

  • Phlebotomist for processing of joint aspiration samples and blood tests
  • State-of-the-art medical records which allow for communication between other Albany Medical Center specialists and area pharmacies
  • Access to radiology imaging at local facilities via a secure website
  • ImPACT software for concussion management
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound

ImPACT software
Sports and Exercise Medicine utilizes ImPACT software for concussion management. ImPACT 2005 is a user-friendly, Windows-based computer program that can be administered by a team coach, athletic trainer or physician with minimal training. Reaction time is reliably measured to one hundredth of a second across individual test modules (10 modules total) and allows for an assessment of processing speed as the player fatigues. The test battery consists of a near infinite number of alternate forms by randomly varying the stimulus array for each administration. This feature was built into the program to minimize the "practice effects" that have limited the usefulness of more traditional neurocognitive tests. ImPACT takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Exercise Laboratory

Unlike most exercise labs, which tend to be found in an inpatient hospital setting or research building on a university campus, Albany Med’s exercise laboratory is conveniently located in the outpatient office – making it easily accessible to the patients around the region. Our exercise lab is in a ventilation- and climate-controlled room that includes a treadmill and a separate shower facility.

Patients have access to a number of services in the exercise laboratory, including gait analysis, treadmill testing, and lactate threshold testing.  These services are mainly offered to athletes who wish to improve athletic performance.  The exercise laboratory is an excellent resource for patients who have experienced injury during exercise or playing sports and who need tests conducted with the focus on managing, treating, and preventing sport-related injuries.

In addition, on-site x-ray viewing allows physicians to obtain films at the time of visit for the majority of musculoskeletal presentations.