Our Donor Stories - Pastizzos Healing Garden

A Permanent Thank You

Angelo Pastizzo simply didn’t feel right. A lover of all foods Italian, the 57-year-old from Mechanicville thought it was indigestion, which a quick visit to his doctor confirmed –at least at first.

A recommended stress test provided a different answer and required immediate action: get to the hospital. Angelo chose Albany Medical Center. Blockages in his arteries created the need for triple-bypass surgery.

That surgery was six years ago. Mr. Pastizzo is so thankful for the life-saving work of Albany Med’s team—he and his wife Janice have etched it in stone.


Angelo Pastizzo and his wife Janice had their appreciation to Albany Med inscribed in a Healing Garden paver stone.

The message of gratitude inscribed on a two-foot square stone paver will join those of many others in Albany Med’s new healing garden, a part of the 325,000-square-foot Patient Pavilion expansion. Resting in the park-like area designed as a place of relaxation for patients and their families, the Pastizzo’s stone will forever be their statement of thanks.

“It’s something that’s been on my mind. I really wanted to do something for Albany Med,” said Mr. Pastizzo . “I saw the healing garden paver stone.  People like to have something that is there long-term. I sat down to discuss it with my wife, and we both thought this is a good idea.”

Angelo Pastizzo‘s life was saved by Albany Medical Center doctors. For that, he and his wife Janice are eternally grateful. There’s a paver stone nestled within the healing garden oasis that says just that.

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