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A Girl Named Hope Finds and Gives Some

Ping … ping … ping … went Aly Selchick’s phone. “Dad wants you home,” her siblings texted.

“What? He’s away on vacation. Why did he want me home now”?

When she got there, she wasn’t prepared for the answer.

“I got a call while in Bermuda,” said Aly’s dad, Jeffrey Selchick, of Loudonville. It was Aly’s doctor. 

Aly Selchick
Aly Selchick and her father Jeffrey created the Hope Fund at Albany Med to help make cancer treatment visits easier for patients and families.

“He said, ‘Sorry to have to tell you this, but your daughter has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.’” Aly's dad was on the next plane home.

“I was completely shocked,” Aly said, her eyes glistening at the memory. “I didn’t know what to think.”

Not long after a Stage 2 diagnosis was confirmed, Aly's dad called a friend at Albany Med. The friend connected him to Jennifer Pearce, MD, at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Treatment was immediate and aggressive. “Boy, they moved fast for us,” Jeffrey Selchick marveled.

Chemo stole 18-year-old Aly’s long auburn hair. It also destroyed the cancer. On December 15, 2012 she was confirmed cancer-free.

Her family had always been generous toward Albany Med.  The wonderful care Aly received made their latest gift personal. It established the Hope Fund – Hope is Aly’s middle name.

“We were thinking the chemo rooms could be friendlier, maybe a couch or a club chair, a TV on the wall—things to make the rooms warmer, “ Jeffrey Selchick said.

The Hope Fund does exactly that: it provides patients and families comfort when it’s needed most.

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