Safety Tips and Tools


Lock all valuables in your desk or locker and do not leave money, DVD's, GPS Devices, clothing or other items visible in your vehicle. (KEEP THEM OUT OF SIGHT, PREFERABLY LOCKED IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR VEHICLE).

Be aware of potentially dangerous areas, including parking garages and lots, stairwells, dark hallways and deserted offices. When walking to your vehicle or residence, try to go with a group.

Know where you are going, know how to get there and watch the people around you.

Show confidence, be organized and limit your contact with strangers. Whistles are available in the Security Office at 22 New Scotland Avenue. When used they will help to alert people of a problem occurring in a particular area.

Know the places where people can enter your office or building; be familiar with public areas (e.g., restrooms, waiting areas); know where your telephones, alarm boxes, Security Emergency Response Alarms and other forms of emergency communication are located: know who belongs in your work area: and be familiar with the location of exits and windows in your office and/or building.

Contact the Security office at ext 2-3777 to report suspicious characters; to request an escort to your vehicle, especially when it is dark or when the shuttle is not operational or to report lost or stolen ID badge. If you ride a bicycle to AMC enroll in the Albany Police Department Bicycle Lock Registration Program. (Registration forms are available at the Security office located at 22 New Scotland Avenue.



Security Emergency Response Alarms are located in high-risk as well as other areas throughout our facilities. If you become suspicious or threatened by an individual or activity you can press the security emergency response alarm, which will send a silent duress alarm to the security dispatch booth. The alarm screen in the dispatch booth will show where the alarm is coming from and the security dispatcher will contact security staff by radio and request an immediate response to your location.
(Note:  these alarms are frequently tested by security staff to ensure that they are properly working as well as to test staff knowledge on the use and locations of the devices).

Emergency Blue Light Telephones
Emergency blue light telephones are located on the side of the security booth outside of the Physicians Pavilion and on the side of the P Building near the stairs leading to Myrtle Avenue. To activate the telephone, simply press the button. The blue light at the top of the phone flashes on and off as the call goes directly to the security dispatch booth in the D Lobby. The security dispatcher will answer and direct security officers to respond to the emergency call.

Emergency Telephones in Parking Garages
Emergency telephones that ring directly to the security dispatch booth are located in both the AMC and CDPC parking garages. The security dispatcher will answer and direct security officers to respond to the emergency call.

Security Emergency Response Alarms
Security emergency response alarm buttons may be strategically installed in a work area. The button is usually located in an area that is readily accessible. The button is intended only for use in emergent situations (i.e., intruder, suspicious persons, bomb threat, or suspicious packages).

It should not be used to contact Security Services for a routine request but one should feel free to use it at anytime a threatening or dangerous situation exists.