Crime Prevention Programs at Albany Medical College

Our crime prevention program consists of various services that help to reduce crime. There are five components to our crime prevention program:

  • Educational Presentations
  • Security Surveys (or vulnerability assessments)
  • Installation of securing devices
  • A.L.E.R.T. Program
  • WhistleWatch Program

Educational Presentations
We provide educational presentations on various security/safety-related themes. These presentations are offered to employees in a variety of forums (employee orientation, staff meetings or upon request).

Security Survey
A security survey is an assessment of risk of crime and vulnerabilities and recommendations to remove or reduce the risk. A security survey can be done of a building, suite, office, and laboratory. The survey consists of an assessment of the physical locality (including locks, alarms), assessment of security procedures and protocols, identification of potential risks, and recommendations to remove the risks.

Awareness Lets Everyone Reduce Theft (A.L.E.R.T.) Program
Security Officers leave green stickers while performing patrols throughout the Albany Medical Center community identifying areas and/or property that should be secured. They are used as a reminder to staff and students to secure their valuables.

WhistleWatch Program
WhistleWatch is an action safety program providing students, faculty and staff of AMC with a practical means of protection.  The program is designed to alert community residents of a problem occurring in the area. WhistleWatch works by a person blowing his/her whistle to signal trouble. When residents hear the whistle, they know someone is in trouble and they respond immediately by notifying the Albany Police Department at 911 (from outside phones or Albany Medical Center security Services at 262-3777 (from "house" phones) of the location and any other information pertaining to the incident. Whistles are available through Security Services Administration located at 22 New Scotland Avenue.

Value Added Services
Security Services also provides other ancillary functions, which help to make the hospital run more safely and efficiently. We conduct criminal background checks on all persons applying for employment at Albany Medical Center, check in all visitors seeking to enter the hospital after visiting hours, transport/pickup emergency blood or supplies when needed, provide pathology escorts for medical examiners or funeral directors, assist in securing patient valuables, provide victim support (by assisting in obtaining Orders of Protection) and fingerprinting services (for licensure etc.).

Lost and Found
Security Services maintains and secures lost and found items.   Bring lost and found material to Security Services located at 22 New Scotland Avenue.